Friday, March 29, 2013

A Little Piece of History

Rod Mills is Jon's grandfather is 87.  He was an officer in the Navy during WWII.  I love a man in a uniform especially when it's my Dad.  He looked so proud and so very very young.

One day I began thinking about a photo of GrandRod in his uniform and how special it would be for Jon if somehow I could use one of his grandfather's buttons on his wedding vest.  So the next day I called my Mom.

Karen:  Mom is Dad's Navy officer uniform still in the attic?  I am making a wedding vest for Jon and we were thinking how neat it would be to add one of his buttons to the vest.

Mom:  Yes it's in the attic I'll ask him and get back to you tomorrow.

The next day.

Mom:  Dad bought extra buttons in case a button ever fell off his uniform so we are going to put them in a bag and mail them to you.

In a couple of days I got a large plastic bag of buttons, they looked brand new!  One of them was the perfect size.  It's the little brass one almost in the center of the photo with the string on it.  So I added that to Jon's collection of vest buttons.

GrandRod will be tickled and proud to see a little piece of history on Jon's special wedding vest and Jon will be proud wearing a vest with his grandfather's buttons.

Thank you GrandRod for sharing a little piece of history!

See you next week sometime.  I'm off to finish Brittney's wedding dress.  If you haven't seen her dress already check it out at

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Over the MOON

Jon decided that he wanted to have vintage metal buttons on his wedding vest.  He gave me the item number of some he found on eBay.  They are all different.

The day of the auction I was determined and ready to win.  I wanted that collection of antique buttons and nobody was going to get in my way.  As always someone else wanted the buttons as bad as I did and we bid against each other until the the last second.  The auction was over.... I had sweat on my brow but it was worth it because I WON.

So here is how I look at it.

Linen fabric $20
Vogue pattern $15
Vintage buttons- Priceless
Seeing your kid wearing an awesome wedding vest made by his Mom.  Completely over the MOON.

Now excuse me while I go outside and howl.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jon's Wedding Vest

 Jon is my son.

Jon and Brittney are to be married on April 20, 2013 in our beautiful and small rural community of North Garden Virginia.  The wedding is to be held in our hayfield.  There will be plenty of room to set up a tent, to seat 200+ guests, for kids to run around, for dancing in the moonlight and sleeping under the stars by guests too tired to drive home. 
Last week Jon asked me “Mom will you make my vest for the wedding?  "I'd love to!" I told him.

I made most of Jon's clothes when he was a little boy.  We didn't have a lot of money, and I loved to sew....still do.  Jon and his brother Cam3 wanted to be a cowboys, a soldiers, explorers and Superman.  I made clothes and costumes for every occasion, but this....a wedding vest is this mother's dream come true.
How many Moms get an opportunity to sew for their adult children, especially boys?  I would guess not very many.  I am a lucky Mom.