Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Over the MOON

Jon decided that he wanted to have vintage metal buttons on his wedding vest.  He gave me the item number of some he found on eBay.  They are all different.

The day of the auction I was determined and ready to win.  I wanted that collection of antique buttons and nobody was going to get in my way.  As always someone else wanted the buttons as bad as I did and we bid against each other until the the last second.  The auction was over.... I had sweat on my brow but it was worth it because I WON.

So here is how I look at it.

Linen fabric $20
Vogue pattern $15
Vintage buttons- Priceless
Seeing your kid wearing an awesome wedding vest made by his Mom.  Completely over the MOON.

Now excuse me while I go outside and howl.

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